1. Power of Compounding: 8th Wonder of the World

India is a country where everyone wants a little extra for their money and we Indians are obsessed with savings. Well rightly so, but then what to do with our savings, do we know? ….more

2. The Magic of Investing

3. Liquid Funds vs Fixed Deposits

Liquid funds may turn out to be a better choice than fixed deposits…….more

4. Prospect theory and Siegel’s paradox

The theory states we have an irrational tendency to be less willing to gamble with profits than with losses……more

5. Checklist for mutual funds

There is no doubt that mutual funds serve an important purpose in the world of investing.However a lot of good work of fund managers can be lost if common man does not understand a few intricacies…..more

6. Debt free Investing

Staying debt free is stress free for individuals and companies. Is it true for your investments too? The answer is ……more

7. The three dimensions(3D) of Investing process

Just as you have macro and micro analysis of global markets, a macro and micro level analysis is necessary for investing “process”……more

8. Equity trading and investing buckets

People operate in Indian markets in multiple ways- fundamental investing, technical analysis, news and price action-based trading. But how does one decide how to operate in the market? Here’s our take……more

9. Top Shots

Top picks…..more

10. Top 3 reasons why Indians should invest globally

Read more….

11. Books for Trading and Investing

Reference Books……more